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New Salem Pottery
789 New Salem Road
Randleman, NC 27317-7820
E-Mail: halpugh [at] northstate [dot] net
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The History

Situated on a historical tract of land in north central Randolph County, North Carolina. The tract was settled in 1766 by the Thomas Dennis Family, who had relocated from Chester County, Pennsylvania. The property sat astride the Trading Road which extended from Petersburg Virginia into South Carolina. The location and the existence of large beds of earthenware clay made it ideally suited for a pottery. The Dennis Pottery not only made simple, utilitarian redware, but a variety of decorative slipware and thinly turned tableware.

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The Gallery
The Pughs

Hal E. Pugh and Eleanor Minnock-Pugh produce a variety of original redware and stoneware pottery. Years of work at the wheel and the subtle evolutionary convergence of originality with past traditions make their pottery recognizable by its own style. The Pughs also replicate redware and stoneware pottery from the sixteenth through the twentieth century.

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